Wednesday 27th November

We practised our debating skills in literacy- some of us are really good at this already but others need to practise our listening skills a bit more!
In French, Madame Kernick worked on a song about the whole year using our months, how to make a strange soup and reinforced our colours with a rainbow song and we started a new song about 3 cousins…ask us to sing these to you at home!
Rob from Pacesetters showed us that we need to tell our friends using loud voices and gestures if we want them to pass the football to us. We practised stopping the ball with the side of our foot.
Whose birthday was it today in Foxes?






Tuesday 26th November

What amazing homework you produced last week! We all presented our ideas to the class ( “A bit like Dragon’s Den,” said Joel!) They were all different and ranged from a raft made from plastic bottles to a lantern. We think we may have a go at making some of them. Well done if you included numbered instructions too!

Faye brought on her bag sealer; what a great idea!


We are the Year 3 & 4 class at Warmington School.
Badgers are taught by Miss Ibotson. We are supported by Mrs Campo and Mrs Hazell. We are also taught by specialist teachers: Madame Kernick for French and Mr Tranmer for PE. 

We love our learning and enjoy sharing our work with you- please feel free to comment on our blog. We always reply and enjoy hearing that our friends and relatives around the world are finding out about our wonderful school!

Thursday 21st November

We started off the day with co-ordinates games on the laptops, then we finished off our instruction writing. We had to count the money we had raised for Children in Need last week. Mrs Foley checked our counting skills!
We practiced our Christmas singing and Mrs Bretherick and Mrs Foley got all the Christmas costume boxes down from the Mezzanine in the hall. We also started to design our own sandwich snacks and felt a bit hungry! Miss Ibotson listed to some of our violin playing at lunchtime and was very impressed!