Badgers assembly song

Leaving of Liverpool

The Leaving of Liverpool
Fare you well the Prince’s landing stage,
River Mersey fare you well.
For I’m bound for California,
It’s a place that I know right well.
So fare thee well my own true love,
And when I return united we shall be.
It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that
grieves me,
But my darling when I think of thee.
Well I’m bound for California,
By way of the stormy Cape Horn.
And I will send you a letter my love,
When I am homeward bound.

Oh the tug is waiting at the pier head
To take us down the stream.
Our sails are unfurled and our anchor
is stowed,
So fare thee well again.
Farewell to Lower Frederick Street
Anson Terrace and old Parkee Lane,
For I know it will be some long, long time
Before I see you again.