Good morning from York ( day 2 for yr 4 girls)

All Warmington girls slept really well- they went to sleep very quickly😇

We are now washed and dressed and looking forward to our day ahead at the Railway Museum, Jorvik Centre and The Dig. The weather in York is looking pretty good for today and we will be doing a lot of steps so some of us will be challenging ourselves with our Fitbits!









  1. Hello year 4 girls and Miss I. We liked looking at all the photos of your adventures so far in York. Some of us were very jealous of your morning cups of tea and fancy breakfast. We are looking forward to seeing some more photos of your day later. Hope you have a lovely day, we wish we were there! From Y3 Badgers, H & Mrs C

  2. Hiya Girls,
    I hope you’re all having a fabulous time, I’m glad Daddy was able to surprise you yesterday Bethany. The pictures look great and I’m glad to see you enjoyed your sleeper too.
    Enjoy your last evening Warmington girls xxx

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